Welcome to the Nordic Morning annual report 2015

CEO's review

Our customers increasingly meet their customers in the digital environment. It is now more important than ever, therefore, to understand technology, data, and analytics in order to create successful customer encounters and service experiences.

This challenge lies at the heart of Nordic Morning’s service strategy launched in January 2015. It forms the foundation around which we have built our special expertise, service portfolio, and way of working.

We strengthened our business through acquisitions, restructuring, and increasing internal cooperation, as well as by investing in competence development, particularly with regard to the use of technology, data, and analytics in service solutions.

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Result 2015

Nordic Morning Group’s net revenue was EUR 104.9 million (EUR 106.6 million). The decline in net revenue was due to the lower demand for printed products, the contraction of the net revenue of the Content business area, and the depreciation of the Swedish krona.

The Group’s operative result was EUR -0.2 million (EUR 3.4 million). The result included a significantly lower amount of non-recurring items than in the previous year at EUR -0.2 million (EUR 2.4 million). Operating profit before non-recurring items was EUR -0.1 million (EUR 1.0 million). The operating profit was weighed down by profitability issues related to the sheet-fed offset printing business in Sweden.

Equity ratio was excellent at 48.6 percent (51.4 percent).

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Increasingly often, employees seek to join companies who operate in an ethical and transparent manner and act responsibly, not only in their own operations, but also with regard to the environment and the society.

In the communication sector, there is tough competition over good professionals. We want to attract innovative people who share our goals and our ways of operation, and keep them committed. We invest in good leadership and the development of personnel. It is our goal to create a culture of engagement, in which everyone feels comfortable and is offered challenges on the right scale.

The basis of our corporate responsibility scheme is our values: renewal, respect and responsibility.

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Business areas 2015

Optimizing the brand

The Visibility & Service Design business area comprises: Klikkicom Oy and Ottoboni Finland Oy in Finland; and KliKKi AB and Ottoboni Sweden AB in Sweden.

Ottoboni is specialized in business and service design. Klikkicom and Klikki are specialized in media optimization.

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At the heart of every brand

The Content business area comprises: Sitrus Agency Oy and Edita Publishing Oy in Finland; Sitrus Agency AB and Mods Graphic Studio AB in Sweden; and Sitrus Ukraine LLC in Ukraine.

Sitrus is specialized in strategic content and content marketing, Mods Graphic Studio is specialized in image retouching and Edita Publishing is specialized in professional content, information services and learning solutions.

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Increased customer loyalty

The Campaigns & Dialogue business area comprises: Edita Prima and Seed Digital Media Oy in Finland; and Edita Bobergs AB and associate company Brand Systems International AB in Sweden.

Edita Prima and Edita Bobergs are specialized in personalized print and Seed Digital Media is specialized in loyalty marketing.

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Using customer data responsibly

Mobile technology makes people traceable and enables the collection of many kinds of user data. But how can this data be used in marketing in a responsible and customer-oriented manner? Seed’s Jesse Sandqvist shares his views on trust and loyalty in marketing.

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Cooperation as a competitive advantage

“Even if a service is top of the heap in its category, this alone is not enough in this time of constant change.” CEO Timo Lepistö talks about how Nordic Morning has built cooperation across organizational boundaries.

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Expectations for state-owned companies: profitability and exemplary responsibility

“Responsibility in operations supports profit performance, which in turn increases shareholder value,” says Financial Counselor Petri Vihervuori.

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Learning our Key Behaviors through game-playing

We use a game to implement our Key Behaviors, with exercises, videos, hooks, and friendly rivalries. This approach to sharing and learning offers a fun alternative to yet another PowerPoint slide show.

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Digital tools for good service

Seed Digital Media helps reach customers in the right place.

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Success through an excellent customer experience

Using service design to develop the customer experience helps businesses outperform their competitors in the digital operating environment.

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Achieving digital success by being responsive to end-user needs

For Ottoboni, to focus on end users is very much a reality and an important part of the work process.

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Customer insights can boost business

A deep insight into customer behavior and purchasing processes can boost business. Klikki’s expertise includes making detailed analyses of user behavior.

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