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Social responsibility 2015

Annika Parkkonen, VP, HR, Nordic Morning Plc

“The core task of our HR function is to support, engage, and assist the employees of Nordic Morning Group to help them succeed in their work.”

Engagement and successes

The core task of our HR function is to support, engage, and assist the employees of Nordic Morning Group to help them succeed in their work.

The cornerstones of our new HR strategy are Learning and Development, Leadership, and Culture of Engagement.


The Nordic Bond 002 program launched in November 2014 continued in the spring with various training events, and ended with a “Shark Tank” day, where the participants presented their new business ideas. The group entered the mentoring phase of the program in the autumn.

We arranged several training and coaching events on topics such as presentation skills, lateral thinking, and facilitation.

The leadership development program for managers and supervisors outside the Management Team was completed in early 2015. 

In the spring, we launched an internal social game called HEIMO. The game is not about competing against each other, but rather strengthening and building cooperation and togetherness. HEIMO won the Group’s internal Innovation Awards competition and was shortlisted for the European Digital Communication Awards.

The Ottoboni acquisition in Sweden led to a substantial increase in the number of users for our HR services. Our strategic HR approach and way of working have been warmly received. For individual employees, this is reflected in ways such as clearer job descriptions and increased training opportunities.

In early summer, we launched an Employer Brand project aimed at strengthening the commitment of our employees and clarifying our employer promise.


We will continue our leadership development efforts by providing managerial training and coaching related to current themes as well as supporting our employees' expertise with training and education. 

The Nordic Bond 002 will continue for the spring and HEIMO game will be enlarged with a new module. Employer Brand project continues in 2016.

Our aim is to create and maintain a culture of engagement and expertise. If we win the hearts of our employees, we have succeeded.

Resilience and flexibility as resources

Nordic Morning is investigating ways to strengthen the resilience of the Group, its subsidiaries and business units through coaching.

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Learning our Key Behaviors through game-playing

We use a game to implement our Key Behaviors, with exercises, videos, hooks, and friendly rivalries. This approach to sharing and learning offers a fun alternative to yet another PowerPoint slide show.

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Leadership amid constant change

At Nordic Morning, meeting and interacting with people are central to leadership. Constant change, which is a common factor in the communications industry, regularly takes employees outside their comfort zone.

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Support to young people’s projects

In 2015, we continued our cooperation with the Mahis program by supporting seven different youth projects.

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HR strategy


The constant changes in today’s business environment and the surrounding world create a growing need for the continuous development of leadership. Leaders are to create a work environment that enables engagement and commitment in order to achieve good results, development, and innovation.

To create meaning at work in times of constant change, the leaders need to ensure there is a clear vision and direction, as well as conditions where employees thrive and succeed. Leaders need to perceive their employees as unique individuals and meet their needs for praise, encouragement, challenges, guidance, and support. We believe that leadership development is an ongoing process that creates the foundation for successful business operations.

Learning and Development

Learning and development at work is a critical success factor with regard to business growth. We constantly challenge ourselves and our working methods, and by doing that we are learning and developing, which enables compelling customer relationships and the development of a new kind of service offering.

Learning also makes work more meaningful and increases commitment to the company. We are building an environment in which every employee has the chance to learn something new every day and discover fresh ideas and perspectives. Through collaboration with colleagues, partners, and customers in various projects, we are constantly seeking to create value and creative solutions. In our culture, where learning is embedded, we want to develop our employees in goal-oriented, active, and diverse way.

Culture of Engagement

Attracting and securing the commitment of the best talents is a challenge in a world that is becoming increasingly transparent. Having the most interesting projects, best colleagues, and a positive spirit of getting things done are reflected externally in strong results and a consistent way of working, as well as in recommendations and referrals.

A culture of engagement and success creates meaning for each employee’s work. The key factors in this include the company’s values and mission, individuals having a clearly defined role as part of the bigger picture, high autonomy and a degree of influence, as well as feedback and continuous development. We believe that this kind of culture enables us to build a work environment that creates a strong commitment among the best talents in our industry.

Key behaviors at Nordic Morning

Passion for Success

We have a positive attitude towards working smoothly and achieving targets. We take the initiative in development.

Openness and Sharing

We want to understand others, work together and be part of a team.

Curiosity to Learn and Innovate

We are curious. We want to learn to know things, people and challenges better. We also want to ask questions, question things and challenge the current ways of doing things and be open to new solutions.

Helping Customers Succeed

We want to serve customers and other stakeholders, and satisfy their needs. We focus our resources on understanding and satisfying customer needs.

Gender distribution of employees

Employment contract type

Age distribution of employees

Business area under 30 years 30-50 years over 50 years
Visibility & Service Design 25% 72% 3%
Content 12% 59% 29%
Campaigns & Dialogue 7% 52% 41%
Other 13% 38% 50%


The management has a short-term incentive program for which no bonuses were accrued in 2015. The Group also had a long-term incentive program for management related to the financial years 2013–2015, for which EUR 21 thousand was accrued in 2015. The total accrual of the long-term program stands at EUR 94 thousand excluding social costs.

The Board of Directors decided that some of the Group’s key personnel will be paid an additional one-time bonus for excellent performance. Part of the Group’s executive management received the additional bonus, with the total amount being EUR 23 thousand. The additional bonus and 50% of the total accrued amount of the long-term incentive program will be paid in 2016.

 The management incentive bonuses that accrued in 2015

 EURCEOOther members of
the Group Management Team
Short-term incentive program 0 0 0
Long-term incentive program 5 000 16 000 21 000
Additional incentive bonuses 0 23 000 23 000
Total 5 000 39 000 44 000