Success through an excellent customer experience

Using service design to develop the customer experience helps businesses outperform their competitors in the digital operating environment.

“An excellent customer experience delights the consumer and helps companies succeed,” says Tero Salonen, Business Development Director at Ottoboni. “The customer experience plays a significant role in business. Ideally, it’s a source of competitive advantage that increases customer commitment and boosts profits.”

Digitalization has opened up markets, and companies face a new competitive scenario. Even where competition is local, the expectations for services are set according to international operators.

Ottoboni offers companies support and ways to overcome this challenge.

“We work with our customers to build service experiences that help them turn digitality into a competitive advantage,” Salonen says. “Our ability to understand how value is created for our customers’ customers creates the foundation for new kinds of successful customer experiences. Service design can turn problems in business into sources of competitive advantage.”

The opportunities presented by digitalization and mobilization have been discussed in business for some time. Now, it is time to turn words into actions. In Finland, for example, there are many potential innovations that companies must have the courage to pursue. But the willingness and readiness to change and develop operations must come from the company itself.

“Change and development can’t be forced from the outside,” Salonen says. “You can’t get companies to operate in a new way by dictating things from outside the organization. Change is achieved together, and the strategic focus must be on the customer. All this requires our customers to put themselves on the line and tolerate uncertainty, as there are many new things along the way. Ottoboni’s expertise helps companies get through these situations successfully.”

Text: Paula Häkämies, student (communication)


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