Customer insights increase Hertz sales

The cooperation between Klikki and Hertz, which started eight years ago, is a perfect example of how a deep insight into customer behavior and purchasing processes can boost business. And to further improve the customer experience, Hertz has added the content strategy services of Klikki’s sister company Sitrus.

Klikki’s expertise includes making detailed analyses of user behavior. The result is then used to improve Hertz’s purchased media such as advertising through the web and owned media, by adapting and developing its website to match the target group’s behaviors and demands.

Jannis Hristofilopoulos, Senior Sales Manager at Klikki, has been involved in the project since the beginning.

“The starting point was to improve the outcome through effective management and optimization of bought and owned media,” he says. “The cooperation then evolved to include advanced measurements of Hertz’s customer data and to develop the business based on those insights. The driving force has always been Hertz’s urge to test and develop its business online.”

Hristofilopoulos says the car rental industry is highly competitive. For that reason, it is important to always be proactive, open to test new ideas, and act on data and insights in real time.

“Search marketing, which includes search engine optimization and the use of sponsored links on Google, is the core of Hertz’s marketing and a channel where we capture insights about user behavior and needs,” he says. “With these tools, we can continuously increase business and create cost-effective marketing.”

One example of a user-generated insight is people searching for a local option when they want to hire a car using the keyword car rental and the place from where they want to rent it. This led to Hertz developing new destination pages, which significantly improved the search results.

During the second half of 2015, Hertz also decided to include content strategy services from Klikki’s sister company Sitrus to further develop Hertz’s content. The main aim here is to match customer behavior with relevant and inspiring content.

“The more Hertz knows about its customers’ purposes, the easier it will be to develop proposals to make their trip even better,” says Lisa Wouda, Strategist at Sitrus. “If we can connect their search for a rental car with a search for, say, a festival, it can help us provide a greater experience of the trip.

“This also means we can find new target groups and create smarter and better content by, for example, providing information on restaurants or hotels, where to find the nearest gas station, or suggest another car alternative.”

In addition to the Nordic market, Klikki has also supported Hertz globally.

Hristofilopoulos says: “Hertz is a great example of how we can create a long-term relationship as a strategic advisor in close cooperation with the customer. It has enabled us to build up an effective marketing strategy that really gives results in all channels.”


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